Services Available From IIRPHS

  1. Child Care Counseling & Project “-5 to +5 ”
  2. Career Counseling
  3. Personality Development & Corrective Processes
  4. Study, Memory & Concentration Related Counseling
  5. Exam Stress Counseling
  6. Treatment of Psychological Disorders
  7. Relationship & Family Stress Counseling
  8. Health & Beauty Care Counseling
  9. Post Trauma Counseling
  10. Pre-Marriage Counseling
  11. Post-Marriage & Sex Counseling
  12. Profession Or Job Related Consultation
  13. Entrepreneurship Development Consultation
  14. Company Or Business Management Consultation
  15. Training to Students, Teachers, Parents & Trainers
  16. Sports Psychology

Details of Services Available

  1. Child Care Counseling & Project“-5 to +5 ”

Child Care Counseling :

Any child deserves best possible environment and opportunities to develop into a healthy citizen of this world. But to make it happen requires Love & Care, Awareness & Knowledge of what to do, where & when to do, and how to do, Skills to perform required tasks of child care; and basic provisions at right time, of right quality and in right quantity. As normally child stays maximum time with parents especially with mother in the family up to the age of 3 years of age, the influence of mother is very significant in formation of a personality of a child.

Child care starts even before the birth of the child. Mother has to take proper diet to ensure the optimum growth of fetus. As well psychological wellbeing of mother is equally important. Any stress to mother may adversely affect the fetus. There are frequent cases of congenital malformations are observed because of consumption of drugs and foods which are contraindicated or not advisable. Many a times such congenital defects permanently damage the physical , mental and psychological health of child leading to life time agony and pain.

We conduct training workshops and individual counseling sessions for parents to help them take proper care of their child during pregnancy and in the childhood of little-ones.

Project “-5 to +5 ”: Project-5 to +5” is the codename of our specially designed program based on the years of meticulous research and efforts. Here -5 means five months before the birth of the child, while +5 means period of five years since the birth of the child up to the sixth birth day of the child. This program is a scientific child development plan to make child not only responsible citizen of the world but as well to become a genius in his or her life in the systematically chosen domain of work or profession.

Can we really create a child who after his/her birth can later grow to become a Genius in specific field or domain in the world ? A genius like Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan or scientist like Einstein, Newton or noble spiritual leader like Swami Vivekanand or Scientist , patriot and most humble person like A.P.J.Kalam sir ?

Scientifically the answer to this question is “Yes ! We can create a Genius ! ” Yes it is possible, but it involves a scientific process , programming , preparation , and complexly structured environment. Total time requirement also vary between 3 to 20 years, depending on the choice of domain in which we expect the expertise. But it is not that simple like – sow a seed , do some process & program and you get a product which is ready to use. Interesting fact is; Creating Genius is possible by using most natural principles and sciences .

Pre-Ancient Reference : Precisely 5,117 years ago the ancient World War took place known as Dharma-Yuddha from the period of famous Pre-Ancient Indian History that is Mahabharata. Roughly about 127 years before that war Rajmata Kunti mother of Karna and other five Pandavas got special Six “Vardan” or boons ( or special fertility programs?) from Maharshi Durvasa (Scientist of those times ? ) ; because of which Kunti and Madri delivered six children capable specific expertise and powers. Who would be expert in which domain was known in advance, because of the seed-program of each child was coming from specific Gods. Kunti gave birth to Karna from Sun, Yudhistir from Yamraj, Bhim from Vayu i.e. God of Air, Arjun From Lord Indra, and Madri gave birth to Nakul & Sahadeo from two borthers Ashwini Kumar experts of Medicine. From the same period of those times we have another example of Gandhari mother of Duryodhana and other Kauravas, who from one seed fetus created 100 children just like Test-tube babies today. These two examples are about type of programming & Process used for Conception and Birth. Even birth of Draupadi and her brother Dhrushtadyudmna or one of the evil character the king of Magadh Jarasandha had been results of special techniques used for conception and birth. While yet again, one more example from the same period is of Abhimanyu the son of Arjun & Subhadra , an example of programming the mind of fetus before birth. So that the knowledge received in the womb of his mother during 7TH month of Subhadra’s pregnancy was actually used about 15 years after his birth by Abhimanyu. The modern science has confirmed that six months old fetus can listen in the mother’s womb and respond to the environment around mother. Actually on those lines today we find that people are using Garbha-Sanskar to ensure birth of good offspring.

When we go further back by about 3000 years from Mahabharata time or about 8,117 years from now in the period of Ramayana again we find birth of Lord Ram and his three brothers and also that of God of Power Lord Hanuman born by some special process. There are also other examples in Puranas about births as a result of some special techniques and methods.

So, if today we want to create a genius, it will also require knowledge , optimization and utilization of some basic as well as advanced scientific knowledge and resources. What can be done and how to create a genius ? Read on…

What we expect from a genius ? A Legendary performance of higher than highest possible order which would be incomparable to any one by any parameter. Similarly, we use the term genius for only those achievements which are socially respectable and not of Anti-social nature. A Genius can be in the field of Space Science, Basic Sciences like Physics, Chemistry , Botany , Zoology , Bio-technology or Genetics, or Genius can be in the field of sports and athletics like Michel Phelps the winner of 18 Olympic Gold Medals and yet counting and trying for next Olympics. A genius can be from the field of Performing Arts like Acting, Singing and Dancing or can be from domain of Visual Arts like Sculpture, Drawing or Painting. A genius can be from software programming or Electronics. He can be like Steve Jobs or Swami Vivekanand. Any field that is directly or indirectly concerned with the betterment and existence of human race and living or non living things.

What are the basic or minimum requirements to create a genius ?

  1. Fully or partly functional human body. Off-course healthier the body, better would be the opportunities and achievements in quality and quantity. Please remember that, some physically handicapped persons like physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking are genius in their field. Basic Nuro-logical and functional brain capacity.
  2. Intellectual Capacity to observe , grasp or understand, analyze and interpret the domain knowledge in which they are involved. This ability enables them to distinguish their own performance versus demanding standard for performance or the needs in question.
  3. Power of Imagination, Creativity and Resourcefulness to innovate, improvise for New Creation using, optimizing available resources and unending urge to excel the odds with positive attitude.
  4. Strength or Power to Explore the unknown with perseverance and indomitable spirit and enthusiasm. This is the ability which enables a mark of true genius that outsmarts the otherwise unfavorable or extremely hostile environment.

In fact adverse circumstances are found to be statistically most common requirement to build the strong personality required for transforming a otherwise ordinary person in to an extra-ordinary person.

  1. Passion to do all that is needed and required to achieve the goal with full focus and omnipresent commitment.
  2. Ability to go that Extra-mile with high self esteem where many others may rest or quit.
  3. Strong Goal Setting Ability with Conceptual Clarity to do What, Why, When, Where in Which conditions and How.

So when we want to create a genius we need to ensure that minimum basic nuro-psychological brain development , without which desired results are not possible. There may be physical disability but nuro-logical and psychological wellbeing is the requirement of paramount importance.

For required nuro-logical and psychological development ,Stages of Brain Development, Structure & Multiple Intelligence & Personality Development are structured. This if done properly can take care of first four requirements mentioned above. Remaining requirements can be ensured by systematic training using pain and pleasure motivation tools.

For first four requirements to create a genius or super extra-ordinary person the process involves following stages of growth and development.

Old Theory of IQ and latest theory of Multiple Intelligences :

Presently IQ i.e. Intelligence Quotient is measured to understand the level of intelligence of the person. Person with IQ of 100 to 110 is considered as Person of Average Intelligence and person with IQ of 130 and above as Intelligent, Similarly person with IQ higher than 130 is extraordinary, and persons like Newton or Einstein were believed to have a IQ of 150. Recently we read news of girl with IQ of 160.

But measuring just IQ is not enough today. Dr. Howard Gardner, a renowned Scientist, Psychologist & Educationist is the Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education & Senior Director of Harvard Project Zero. He has introduced the new concept of Multiple Intelligence Quotients after extensive research.

We now know which part of brain is responsible for which function. While through DMIT we learn how eight intelligences are responsible for various functions. All these lobes are connected to the ridges of our ten finger-prints. Through Dermatoglyphics analysis, which is the combination of new computer technology and science (Quantitative analysis), by scanning and comparing the fingerprint patterns, we are able to find out the inborn advantages and give suggestions according to each person’s own characteristics with no bias. Moreover, one’s fingerprints will never alter in the entire life so it is totally different from fortune tellers, which only predicts the future by looking at palms.

As per this theory of Multiple Intelligence, there are eight multiple intelligences as described below.

1. Verbal / Linguistics Intelligence
Child with this specialty will always enjoy a profession like poet, public speaker, journalist, writers, language teachers, translators, editors, lawyers etc.

2. Logical / Mathematical Intelligence
Child with this specialty will always enjoy a profession like Therapists, psychologists, meditation guide, counselors, philosophers etc.

3. Intrapersonal Intelligence / Understanding Self
Child with this specialty will always enjoy a profession like engineers, doctors, technicians, programmers, auditors, CA, CS, etc.

4. Interpersonal Intelligence / Relating to Others
Child with this specialty will always enjoy a profession like sports, athletes, actors, choreographers, dancer, exercise instructor. Child with this specialty will always enjoy a profession like teacher, administrator, organization leader, talk show host, politician, salesperson, consultants

5. Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Child with this specialty will always enjoy a profession like interior decorator and designer, photographer, architects, sculptors, cinematographers, painter etc.

  1. Bodily Kinesthetical Intelligence

Child with this specialty will always enjoy a profession like Sports , Gymnastics , Martial Arts etc.

7. Musical Intelligence
Child with this specialty will always enjoy a profession like music therapists, music teacher, music studio director, singer, music copyists etc

  1. Naturalistic Intelligence

Child with this specialty will always enjoy a profession like interior decorator and designer, photographer, architects, sculptors, cinematographers, painter etc.

In addition to this new theory of multiple intelligence , we employ the facts known about nuro-psychological development of child while effectively using the tools and techniques and administer the effects using five sense organs and hypnosis with therapeutic management of psycho-physical environment around the child.

From the birth to the age of three, there are vast numbers of synaptic connections and collections being recorded in the brain. Knowing a child’s potentials at the early age helps parents make decisions on parenting styles and educational methods. From age three to twelve the brain begins to prune the excessive synapses in an attempt to get organized and eliminate what is not necessary. Discovering the learning styles and areas of intelligence of a child at younger age gives us a clue on what courses and activities they should spend more time on. From age twelve to twenty five is the execution stage, the teenage years consist of more aggressive pruning as the brain begins to specialize and build an identity.

We strongly believe that systematic implementation of 14 levels designed by us we can deliver results to create a Genius or a person of extra-ordinary standing. But we request readers to understand that the person who can withstand ravages of time and adversities alone can rose to that ideal level. Fool proof formula of creating a genius can only be proved by results and not by articles and research papers like this one, the only thing that is constant in this world is law of Change. Person who can adopt to the changes and yet maintain his orientation for desired results alone can be the winner.

  1. Career Counseling

In the ever changing world today the number of career options are multiplying fast with mindboggling speed and varieties. Today the number of careers available are more than 5,600 and still counting. We help students, parents and even adult population to choose the proper career option and in turn help them for career planning to become successful. Our experience in career counseling and related aptitude testing is since 1993 i.e. beyond twenty two years. We use various tools and techniques to scientifically choose the right career. For desirable results, rather than asking questions on phone or mail, we advice parents to visit by taking appointment before meeting in person.

  1. Personality Development & Corrective Processes

To achieve success in life just making decision of career is not enough, we continuously need to do introspection or self analysis or SWOT analysis. Where SWOT analysis means- Analysis of our own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. We help our clients to scientifically analyze their personality, their strengths and weaknesses and using effective tools and techniques we help them to get rid of unwanted bad habits and improve their personality and enable them to their dreams and goals in personal, social and professional life. This activity is done at individual levels and also for well defined groups or social or professional segments. For this we conduct various training programs for needy individuals, groups and institutions.

  1. Study, Memory & Concentration Related Counseling

Many students, parents and even teachers suffer due to poor performance of students in academic exams and in non-academic activities. Many students suffer due to Learning Disability Disorders. But as awareness of learning related disorders is poor among people, many children are subjected to violent reactions from parents and teachers which some time even lead to suicide of children or parents. Many children below 12 years of age and even in high school and college students suffer from problems of Memory, Concentration and Behavior. Many students acutely lack in developing correct technique of Study, they simply don’t know how to study. This leads to not only poor performance of students, but also excessive stress, and depression. Actually today there are multiple tools and techniques are available which our experts can employ for you or your friends or relatives and become stress free.

  1. Exam Stress Counseling

Innumerable cases are reported in which students had prepared well before exam but simply went blank during the exam and forgot everything due to exam-stress. The same students after the exam could remember everything. These type of complaints are coming from all levels of education from KG to PG. In case of primary school children become ill during exam period and get normal when exam is over. Our experts help such students of whatever age to win over exam-phobia using time tested as well as modern techniques.

  1. Treatment of Psychological Disorders

There are multiple types of psychological disorders affecting different segments of human populations in both genders and in all age groups. Considering global statistics few of them are more prevalent as listed below.

1 Adjustment Disorders Adjustment with new Changes in Environment, Responsibilities, Climate, Health, Stress Due to Personal, Professional & Social Changes.
2 Anxiety Disorders Anxiety & Panic Disorder Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Social Phobia
3 Childhood Disorders Asperger’s Syndrome Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Autism, Conduct Disorder Disorder of Written Expression, Encopresis Enuresis, Expressive Childhood Disorders Asperger’s Syndrome Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Autism, Conduct Disorder Disorder of Written Expression, Encopresis Enuresis, Expressive Language Disorder Mathematics Disorder, Mental Retardation Oppositional Defiant Disorder, PicaReading Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Rett’s Disorder, Rumination Disorder, Selective Mutism , Separation Anxiety Disorder , Stereotypic Movement Disorder , Stuttering, Tourette’s Disorder , Transient Tic Disorder
4 Dissociative Disorders Dissociative Amnesia, Dissociative Fugue Dissociative
5 Eating Disorders Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa Eating Disorders
6 Factitious Disorder With Psychological Signs, With Physical Signs, With Physical and ,Psychological Signs, Munchausen by Proxy
7 Impulse Control Disorders Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Kleptomania Pathological Gambling, Pyromania Trichotillomania (hair pulling)
8 Mood Disorders Bipolar Disorder , Major Depressive Episode, Cyclothymic Disorder , Dysthymic Disorder
9 Personality Disorders Antisocial Personality Disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder Histrionic Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Personality, Paranoid Personality Disorder Schizoid Personality Disorder
10 Brief Psychotic Disorder, Delusional Disorder Schizoaffective Disorder,Schizophrenia Schizophreniform , Shared Psychotic Disorder
11 Sexual Disorders & Gender Identity Disorders Hypersexual Disorder, Dyspareunia Female Orgasmic Disorder & Sexual Arousal Disorder, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Male Erectile Disorder,Male Orgasmic Disorder Premature Ejaculation, Sexual Aversion Disorder, Vaginismus
12 Gender Identity Disorders Gender Identity Disorder, Gender Identity Disorder in Children, Gender Identity Disorder in Adults
13 Paraphilias: Sexual Deviation Exhibitionism Fetishism Frotteurism Pedophilia Masochism Sadism Transvestic Fetishism Voyeurism
14 Sleep Disorders Dyssomnias Primary Insomnia, Primary Hypersomnia Narcolepsy Parasomnias Nightmare Disorder, Sleep Terror Disorder Sleepwalking Disorder
15 Somatoform Disorders Body Dysmorphic Disorder Conversion Disorder Hypochondriasis Pain Disorder Somatization Disorder
  1. Relationship & Family Stress Counseling

Person is formally married or in live-in relationship he or she is bound to get stress in their relationship because of changed and demanding life style that we have accepted today. Further more there are always some persons around us who willingly or innocently complicate our relationships. And due to increased tendency of doubting our life partners or bed partners the stress levels are multiplied quite frequently. Many a times parents or grand parents or brothers, sisters, other relatives, neighbors, friends, working partners, office colleagues or even strangers may trigger stress in relationships. Some time joint families bound also by business relations of traditional or inherited business also found to suffer from very painful relationships.

Our experts have wide experience of addressing these stressful relationship situations and have been successfully solving them, using time-tested as well as innovative tools and techniques.

  1. Health & Beauty Care Counseling

In today’s cut throat competitive world male and female both are very conscious about their health and appearance. We have experts who can guide you and help you to maintain sparkling health and enhance your beauty and handsome personality using scientific psychological tools and soft-skills. Our way of thinking deeply affects our health, our posture, and also our presentability. Our subconscious mind keep 24 hours watch on our thinking pattern which continuously influences not only our health and appearance but also shapes our future in all respects. Our experts in Health-Psychologist can even treat your psychosomatic diseases and can make you a best performer at all levels of Personal, Professional and Social existence.

  1. Post Trauma Counseling

Nobody wants or expect any loss of life or damage to our property, but still every day we read news in news papers or watch on TV painful events keep happening around us. But when somebody has to face such a painful loss of near and dear ones, it gives a deep shock to our mind known as Trauma. This trauma can happen by death of close relative, close friend, accidents, theft and also by natural calamity like earth quake etc. To treat such cases require a trained personnel. We have teams of trained experts to help trauma victims.

  1. Pre-Marriage Counseling

To ensure a successful life partnerships and long lasting marriages in ever-changing and challenging days today we need to prepare systematically. In good old days because of big number of siblings from the same parents, counseling of young ones was done by elders within the family. Somebody was always there to offer support and counseling. Even neighbors were offering good help as there were no TV sets or internet or whatsapp to engage people. Somebody was always available or even closely watching to avoid unpleasant situation. But today because of smaller and nuclear family system we cant expect to get words of genuine advice and support. Almost 98% marriages were arrange marriages, thus elders in the family were taking great care to find proper match for boy or a girl. But today due to inter-cast, inter-country level marriages many a time family cultures don’t match and leads to multiple problems even before marriage take place. So we provide counseling support to persons who are planning to marry. Problems created by Pre-marital sex, influence of other relatives and friends, financial stability, physical, psychological and cultural compatibility are the common issues which needs attention. We have very experienced counselors who can help you to prepare well to ensure your marriage a happy marriage.

  1. Post-Marriage & Sex Counseling

Despite all precautions and preparations there comes a time when we feel “ Nothing is happening As I expected”. OR “It went like a dream for first few days or months after marriage, but now I strongly doubt whether I can continue with this marriage or not.” A boy or girl was almost addict of watching pornography films before marriage. And after marriage he or she finds that their own experience of sex is not that exciting. We often get complaints from female patients not only young but even middle aged that they never had real orgasm. Or very frequently from male patients we get complaints of problems with erection or premature ejaculation. Let me assure you that these problems can be solved clinically and effectively by our psychologists.

We advice not to postpone in sharing these problems from your psychologist. There is nothing shameful in getting a help from your Clinical Psychologist in solving problems faced after marriage. Please note that many a times solution to your problems can be very simple and easy, then why should you unnecessarily torture yourself, your life partner and other family members ? Some times your poor or wrong knowledge ultimately even lead to breaking your marriage just because of your ignorance. Don’t suffer, just contact us, we will help you.

  1. Profession Or Job Related Consultation

Many a times wrong decisions about choosing your career or job may lead you to disaster. This normally happens when your “likes” or “Career Option” does not match with your “Aptitude”. Some time choice may be right but your efforts may fall short of desired quantity or quality. Well, with our experience of 31 years we can help you to re-orient your career goals or simply suggest you some practical interventions, expansions, inclusions or exclusions to propel you for your success. We have team of career counselors, business consultants and experts to provide a right direction.

  1. Entrepreneurship Development Consultation

A real dream is that which we see in a day while making our all out efforts to succeed in our chosen enterprise. Due to knowledge explosion and need based diversifications, there are plethora of opportunities available today to pursue your goal to be an Entrepreneur. We can help you in setting up your business-vision, and with the help of wide range of experts help you in evaluating your business idea. We can prepare your right mindset to make you progressive and develop your dream-enterprise.

  1. Company Or Business Management Consultation

The world famous business houses and experts have agreed that psychology plays a great role in both making a company successful or a worst failure. Organizational behavior is nothing but Psychology in Action in Business environment at various levels of intrinsic or extrinsic nature. From setting up a HR department, recruitment, Sales or Marketing Training, to design a product, or in giving ideas of business segmentation we can help company to get Success oriented. We can help in designing a business communication or do a market research to judge psychological pulse of your existing and new customers.

  1. Training to Students, Teachers, Parents, Management, Staff & Trainers.

Training is our passion ! We conduct various workshop for existing students, teachers, parents, management personnel, for productivity enhancement ; and we can also help you in designing and conducting programs for boosting your admissions. We have special courses to create soft skill trainers and also have several modules for variety of training needs in Soft Skills and Hard Skills Training.

  1. Sports Psychology

Many good sports men & sports women succumb to the pressure before or during the action time in sports or games. Because of the stress created before and during the match or event they fail to perform despite good potential and preparation. Similarly during preparation maintaining positive attitude is very important to become successful in competitions of national and international levels.