About Us

International Institute of Research in Psychology & Health Sciences ( IIRPHS ) is founded on 21st April 2015 by Dr.Nitin Vighne as an offshoot of Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal, Nagpur (RSM) , a registered education institution since 1993. This institution is formed for the betterment of the society by bringing together psychologists of different specializations and integrating their expertise for all those patients, individuals and organizations who need help.

The actual work of using psychology for the betterment of society was started since November 1993, under the banner of Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal. Career Counseling, Student’s & Parent’s Counseling and conducting Personality Development Camps were more prominent activities in the beginning. The other activities include residential and nonresidential Personality Development camps, Yoga Camps, Research projects, On the job & off the job training projects, Out-bound training and staff counseling sessions etc.

We had been very instrumental in bringing about transformation of persons from poor performers to peak performers. Our list of such transformations were emerging from offices & field staff, from various companies and as well from educational institutions. In 1995 a path breaking research was done by effecting Transformation of 33 murder-convicts in to Yoga Teachers from Nagpur Jail. In the same year-1995 we had conducted yoga training camps for the all round development of students in Dheeran Kanya Vidyalay. In Amravati prison as well we had conducted one month Yoga Training in 1997. Then we had arranged many personality development camps and post-camp developmental activities for our PD Camp participants. In April 2015 we had started special service of counseling and corrective processes for students suffering from Learning Disability Disorders. In the cases of needy students we had even given services at their own homes. We visited schools of our students with Learning Disorders, arranged meetings with their teachers and principals and created team work to help those students, their parents and teachers. April 2015 is the month in which we started expanding our horizons systematically. We started delegating the cases of patients to our member psychologists residing in the area nearby the patients. Similarly we are forming contracts with needy educational institutions for conducting Student’s, Teacher’s and Parent’s workshops and seminars to create awareness about mental and psychological health as well as, we guide them how to perform their roles more effectively and efficiently using scientific work systems in psychology, health and management sciences.

Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal is also having institution known as “SMART Finishing School” for Soft-Skills & Personality Development Training programs at Schools & colleges; along with special course CCPET i.e. Certificate Course in Personality Empowerment Training for those who want to become- Soft Skill & Personality Development Trainer. The other institution popularly known as“ Lakshya Aptitude Testing & Career Counseling Center” is purely engaged only in Career Guidance and Aptitude Testing related activities and programs. For big and small industries or companies we conduct Human Resource Development Training programs through   “Kaizen HRM Consultants” a separate institution devoted only to Human Resource Training and Management Training, Counseling and Consultation. In addition to this we are also helping people in maintaining their health through our institution “International Institute of Yoga, Naturopathy & Drugless Therapies” by organizing Health Promoting Camps and research paper presentations in National as well as International Conferences.

Objectives of IIRPHS

  1. To promote “psychologist” as a profession:

To promote “psychologist” as a profession to people for prevention and treatment of psychological diseases and also for individual and organizational development . This activity of promoting psychologist as a professional is  required because most of the people in India educated or illiterate have wrong notion that only person suffering from some mental or psychological disease, need to go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist. They also think that if somebody is approaching a Psychologist then that person must be Crazy or needs some treatment for some serious disorder. People must know that Psychologist can help even for prevention of poor performance or for development also in addition to counseling for psychological or medical diseases.

  1. To help new and existing Post Graduates in Psychology : To help new post graduates in Psychology to become independent and mature professional . It is found that many persons study psychology for personal interests but try to earn their bread from applying for clerical jobs in bank or some other profession. They lack in faith for psychology as a career and professional tool to survive for their livelihood. Similarly even for those who want to take up psychology as a career need to understand many technical and professional aspects to get them confidence to become a good Psychologist.
    1. New psychologists always struggle a lot to establish their practice and it takes a long time for them to become a brand identity. But because of this institute they get to know the practical basics with the help of their seniors from different specializations in psychology. And also provide them most desired visibility due to group identity.
    2. Being an organization of professionals gives a good start and platform to face more no.of needy patients or clients thus providing practical experience which otherwise becomes difficult.
    3. It becomes easier to earn better than working alone, because of group branding activities, sharing of knowledge and universal fee structure. For a lady Psychology practitioners IIRPHS provides sense of social security, because of being member of big and developing organization than working alone.
    4. Being member of IIRPHS psychologist can get Website support and sharing of expenses in press and other related marketing activities, which are required to reach the needy clients or patients.
    5. It becomes easier for your clients or patients to contact you because of your web presence. Otherwise for an individual these expenses may not be affordable.
    6. Training programs and workshops to continue learning the latest and new developments in the domain knowledge of your specialization in Psychology. It also becomes a good platform to publish your research in your psychology specialization.
  2. To address Social Problems Collectively : There are many social evils which are growing with alarming speed. Such as farmer’s and student’s suicides, crimes and disrespect for ladies and senior citizens and as well as corruption. One psychologist can not address the problem as it is widely spread geographically and socially. So only a well planned collective approach of IIRPHS, can only help society to manage and arrest the menace effectively by series of campaigns with support from corporate as well as society.
  3. To contribute in Nation Building and World Peace : In India we notice that due to multiple influences from national and global sources, social harmony is disturbed leading to gross insecurity in the minds of Indian citizens within India and also abroad. We would like to work collectively for World Peace and respect for all communities, religions and cultures and make this world better than before. Attitude or way of thinking is always the root cause of good or bad behavior at all levels from Individual, Regional, National to International level events. So, we want to change the world for better. It can not be the job of one individual but universal and collective efforts in positive direction. Psychologists are the professionals who can do this systematically if they are united with common goal of World Peace. At IIRPHS, we want to make our sincere efforts in that direction.

National & Multinational Corporate Houses Benefitted By Us

  • Alembic Chemical Works & Co. Ltd.

  • Mahindra & Mahindra

  • LIC i.e. Life Insurance Corporation

  • Sun Pharmaceuticals

  • Reliance Telecom

  • Reliance Power

  • Reliance Cement

  • Tata-Motors

  • Cadila Labs.

  • OCW i.e. Orange City Water P.Ltd.

  • Torrent Pharma

  • Camlin Ltd

  • C-DAC Nagpur & Bhopal

  • Aarkey Industries

Central & State Government Departments Benefitted By Us

  • Accountant’s General Office , Nagpur For executives – Soft Skills Subjects

  • Public Work Department M.S. for Super Class One Officers Disaster Management

  • Irrigation Department M.S. For Class 2 Officers- Soft Skills Subjects

Our Exposure To Social & Professional Organizations

  • Indian Medical Association

  • Rotary International ( In India & US )

  • Jaycee International

  • Chemist’s Associations In Maharashtra

  • French Language Association In France, Switzerland & Belgium

  • In Bangkok , Thailand For International Ayurveda Association

Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal’s Group of Institutions

  1. Lakshya Career Counseling & Aptitutde Testing Center:

    For accurate career planning & success.

  2. SMART Finishing School:

    For Training in Soft-Skills & Personality Development and Also For Becoming a Soft-Skills & Personality Development Trainer your-self.

  3. Kaizen Human Resource Management Consultants:

    For accurate career planning & success.

  4. International Institute of Research in Psychology & Health Sciences

  5. International Institute of Yoga, Naturopathy & Drugless Therapies:

    For Health Empowerment Services.

  6. International University of Indian & Global Cultures:

    For Promotion of Indian Culture At Global Level.